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We sell Grace Harbor, Amahi, Snail and Penguin Ukuleles! We have the three common sizes available: soprano, concert, and tenor, and now an amazing bass uke !

All Grace Harbors are made with mahogany top, back, and sides.

Penguin and Snail Ukuleles feature different styles of wood including koa, flame and spalted maple, bocote, and ebony. The unique combination of stunning beauty and amazing tone is rarely found in ukuleles at such an affordable price. All of our ukes also come with a nice padded bag.

Penguin and Amahi provide a line of tropical ukuleles in all different colors and unique designs, and at very affordable prices....starting at $43 !

Grace Harbor mahogany uke
Penguin Koa
Grace Harbor Ukulele Headstock
Penguin Uke headstock
Amahi UKES - colorful !
Guitar48 LOGO
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